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Nationally Accredited Care Helps Your Child Succeed Early

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Our Story –

By Beth & Mike Garatoni, Founders of Growing Kids

People often ask why we started Growing Kids – That’s easy, we had kids! Once we became parents, our outlook on just about everything changed (as we assume it does for all parents). When we first became parents, we spent a lot of time with other new parents and were surprised to hear how many parents were not very enthusiastic about their childcare providers.

We knew we could do better than that – the parents and kids deserve something better. So, the idea for Growing Kids was born.

We wanted to offer a service that parents would be excited about – that their child was learning and growing to his/her fullest potential, was safe and clean, was open the hours that parents needed care, and (most importantly) gave the parents peace of mind.

Over the years, Growing Kids has “grown” – we continue to ask, observe, study, add, improve, and review. The focus has stayed the same. Focus on the needs of the child and the needs of the parent. It’s been over 20 years since the days we started as a family-owned business. We are still excited about what we do and will continue to grow and develop centers for as long as we can imagine.

Meet The Owners!

Nationally Accredited Care Helps Your Child Succeed Early

Recognized by Indiana’s Paths to QUALITY™ rating and National Early Childhood Program Accreditation Commission (NECPA), teachers continually uphold engaging learning beyond paper and ultra-clean and organized classrooms to help your little one build the skills, talents, and knowledge they need to succeed in kindergarten.

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Family-Owned & Focused Means We’re Connected To The Community

Family-Owned & Focused Means We’re Connected To The Community

Welcome to our family! Owner Mike Garatoni, born and raised in Indiana, is very involved in the daily operations of our schools and feels accountable to every family that enrolls. This comes from seeing families at community events over the years, and with many students growing up to join our staff or enroll their own children. It’s important to us that we’re part of the community we serve to make a significant impact on the lives of the families and children we serve.

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